About Us

Island Theatre: Exploring the literature of drama from classic to contemporary.

Sometimes referred to as The Best Damn Theatre Company In The World, Island Theatre is located on Bainbridge Island, in Washington’s Puget Sound. We go for the provocative stuff, the plays not being done elsewhere. Not just dangerous, but challenging plays— intellectual, lyrical, electrifying, edifying, entertaining, questioning, amazing, heart wrenching, hysterical work not often seen. We bring literature to life!

Since 1995, I.T. has been delivering masterpieces of the theatrical canon to audiences in venues as diverse as the Bainbridge Public Library, the Bloedel Reserve and your own living room. Our mission is to provide quality theatre, geared toward mature audiences, onstage and in less conventional venues through plays that challenge the performers artistically while both entertaining and intellectually engaging audiences.

Island Theatre Board of Directors:

Diane Bankart, captain of the calendar

Karla Cole, vice president

Mary Braden (cofounder), treasurer

Fred Saas, scribe

Rozzella Kolbegger, licensing

Tell Schreiber, acting and directing

Steve Stolee (cofounder), marketing, graphics

Kathleen Thorne, president and grants & public relations

Diane Walker, social media


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