We are pleased to announce that out of 56 submissions from throughout Kitsap County, the following plays have been chosen for production in the August 18 & 19, 2017, ISLAND THEATRE TEN-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL:

Plays   Playwrights
“Bloody Mary”   Aleks Merilo
“Flight of the Valkyrie”   Noah Barfield
“Gel Us”   Paige Zubel
“Jellyfish Apocalypse”   Karen Polinsky
“Lessons Learned”   Jenny Weaver
“Memories of the American Occupation”   Paul Lewis
“Moving On”   Caroline Smith
“Of a Feather”   Wendy Wallace
“Roadsides”   Betsy Dorfman
“Spreadsheet Me”   Jeffrey Brown


All ten plays will be performed at each of the three shows. To learn more about the Ten Minute Play Festival, click here.