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Streaming June 16th through June 30th

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Island Theatre presents Park Bench Stories, a Film in 5 Scenes, by five local playwrights. This 40-minute film will air continuously on YouTube and at from June 16th through June 30th.  

Viewing is free, with donations welcome.

A group of 5 local playwrights and screenwriters had been meeting together for a year when Covid struck, shutting performance venues for the foreseeable future. Challenged to keep motivated, one member suggested they each write a variation on a theme using a single park bench as their only prop and location. By limiting each play to 2 or 3 characters, they would be able to film their plays outdoors, socially distanced, while working inside a theatre was not possible.

The result: five linked stories that take place on a single day, as this simple bench becomes a locus for lost love, human connection, humor, sadness, and enlightenment for the diverse characters who meet there.

“What started out as five writers just trying to stay creative and sane has blossomed into much more than what any of one of us could have imagined on our own.”

The five plays and writers are Jason Erickson (Congratulations on Your New Bench), Joseph Steck (IRL Sal), Maria Beatty (Dog Gone It), Kit Laws (So Close), and Jeffrey M. Brown (Rob and Bob). Video and production was done by Jason Erickson and Joseph Steck. The park bench was lovingly crafted by Jim Laws.

The play is recommended for high school age and up.

Jason Erickson: "Congratulations on Your New Bench"

Joseph Steck: "IRL Sal"

Maria Beatty: "Dog Gone It"

Kit Laws: "So Close"

Jeffrey M. Brown: "Rob and Bob"

Directed by

Wilson Milam

Steve Stolee

Jeffrey Brown

Kit Laws


Ali Budge

Evan Lenz

Francis Killian

Helen Heaslip

Ian Mitchell

Jason Erickson

Karen Hauser

Kassie Thornton


Kristopher Jones

Renee Messinger

Rose Weaver

Cinematography by

Joseph Steck and Jason Erickson

Island Theatre is partially funded by grants from the City of Bainbridge Island Cultural Fund, Bainbridge Community Foundation, donations from patrons, and through One Call for All.