Every August, Island Theatre presents FESTIVAL WEEK – a weeklong celebration of ten-minute plays, playwrights, and play writing.

The centerpiece of FESTIVAL WEEK is the Ten-Minute Play Festival – a juried selection of plays by Kitsap County playwrights—both established and aspiring. The winning plays are fully staged and performed at Bainbridge Performing Arts in both evening and matinee performances. 

The deadline for play submissions each year is Valentine's Day, February 14th. Sign up for our mailing list below to receive notifications.

FESTIVAL WEEK kicks off with Meet the Playwrights, a panel discussion and Q&A with the playwrights behind each year’s winning plays.

We round out the week with the TEN-MINUTE PLAYWRIGHTING WORKSHOP – a half-day workshop that gives you a jumpstart on writing a play for next year’s Festival.

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Island Theatre Ten-Minute Play VIDEO Festival

August 13th - 15th

Undaunted by Covid-19, in lieu of the scheduled live event– the 9th Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival – Island Theatre will be streaming a selection of plays from past Festivals for four screenings, August 13 – 15. The program features 11 plays in two one-hour programs that will be streamed back-to-back. Watch all 11 plays at one sitting, or split your viewing over subsequent screenings. No ticketing or registration is required–all you need is internet access. Donations to support Island Theatre are appreciated.

For eight years, the Ten-Minute Play Festival has brought to the stage the best short plays penned by Kitsap County playwrights. Selected in a blind judging process by a panel of theatre professionals from over 60 submissions, the plays are written by professional and aspiring playwrights, and produced and performed by local directors and actors.

As always, this year’s festival offers works that range from serious drama to light-hearted comedy. The ten plays and playwrights are:

“Assigned Blessing” by Connie Bennett

“Dancing with Orion” by Diane Walker

“I See France” by Wendy Wallace

“One Night at the Hotel Barbary” by Paul Lewis

“Second Chance” by Rob Burke

“Spreadsheet Me” by Jeffrey Brown

“Supercitizen and the Parking Space” by Eve Palay

“Carry On” by Steven Fogell

“The Last Bride of Ansbruk Village” by Aleks Merilo

“The Royal Deluxe” by James E. Anderson III

“Tree For All” by Noah Barfield

Actors include

Michelle Allen, Nathan Whitehouse, Sandi spellman, Nathaniel Buechler, Tres Cozine, Sam McJunkin, D’Arcy Clements, Ruth Urbach, Bronsyn Foster, Don Peterson, Diane Peterson, Jalyn Green, Luke S. Walker, Shannon Dowling, Matt Longmire, Mike Klemetsrud, Tyler Weaver, Tracy Dickerson, Victoria Brown, Terry McAuley, James Sgambati, Bob Tull, Quinn Balas, Jeff Brown, Matt Howe, Makaela Donnelly, Chloe Bohonos, David Hager, Barbara Deering, Sam Granato, Joseph Lacko. Directors for the plays are Scott Breitbarth, Brian Danzig, Kristy Ann Jacobson, Rachel Noll James , Matt Longmire, Fred Saas, Tell Schreiber and Dennis South.

As festival playwrights can attest, it can be just as challenging to write a compelling ten-minute play as one that’s full-length. The elements are the same - interesting characters, convincing dialogue, a compelling narrative arc, dramatic tension, and theatricality - but the playwright has an alarmingly short amount of time in which to make it all work.

Island Theatre’s past Ten-Minute Play Festivals played to full houses at Bainbridge Performing Arts. Besides the delight of seeing entertaining plays written, directed, and performed by their friends and neighbors, audience members know that even if they aren’t crazy about one play, another is just ten minutes away!

The festival is recommended for ages 13 and above, as some plays include strong language and adult subject matter.

The 2019 Ten-Minute Play Festival is partly supported by grants and donations from the City of Bainbridge Island Cultural Fund and One Call For All, as well as by donations by individual patrons at our events.